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Utility & Energy Management


Utility Plant

Cooling towers at the East Campus Utility Plant.

Utility Plant

UNL operates one utility plant on each of its two campuses.

Utility Meter

The utilities used by campus buildings are metered.

Control Center

UNL's energy control center allows for quick response times.

What we do

  • Utility Production & Delivery. Operation and maintenance of two central utility plants as well as campus distribution systems for steam, electricity, chilled water, domestic water, storm and sanitary sewer, and natural gas.
  • Utility Metering. Install, maintain and collect data from hundreds of campus utility meters.
  • Energy Management. Ensure that campus buildings are operated in an energy efficient manner, track campus energy use, design and implement energy conservation projects.
  • Building Automation. Automatic control and optimization of campus building Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and automatic detection of problems so that maintenance can be scheduled.